Monday, May 2, 2011

Snug Snug Snuggle

Random mix of photos from the weekend.

We drove up to Auckland last Saturday for this gig at Juice Bar. It was my first time in Parnell and I'm in love with how beautiful the place is with the fairy lights and just the overall vibe it had. I can envision myself actually living there!

We went to the chocolate shop but taking photos wasn't allowed. I think that's a shame because the place was such a nice subject for photos. Oh well. Walked around a bit, then off to Juice Bar for the gig. To put it frankly, the gig was fucking epic! More on it can be found here.

Sunday was spent at work and then Church then shouted dinner for the fambam. Up to now, I don't know how I survived the day. I was beyond tired. I finally got to sleep in today after two weeks. Unfortunately, that means I missed the first day back in class. Fail. But sleeping in was so good and snuggling with my duvet while rain was kinda pouring outside made me sleep so much better!

When I finally did get up, I ate the yummiest spaghetti ever! Went out to meet David for coffee too. Did a bit of window shopping and spoiled myself some more by getting this snuggly knit cardi I am in love with! Last purchase for a long time. Promise!  Also while shopping, the fire alarm went off and so everyone had to evacuate. I was out hanging with three lovely girls who I kinda used to work it. They were so bubbly and cute I just had to take a photo! The second to the last photo is that of Alice and Tayla from Jay Jays and Hannah from Dotti. Hey you guys! <3

I guess I better sleep early as class is at 8 am tomorrow. Fully not keen!

Jess <3


  1. Thank you! I've followed your blog, by the way. I can't comment on your posts, though :( But wow, beautiful photography! x


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