Monday, January 31, 2011

Kinda like this thing but there's something you should know, I just came to say hello.

Dj Breadman and half (lol not even half) of me

Dj Hemisphere

Lucie and Steph partying it up with Breadman

Behind the Dj booth

Solomon looking fierce!

Ladies in black. . . and Steph in white

I can't remember what exactly I'm doing, but I was doing animal/crazy dance movements 

The beautiful Steph

Hemi and I

Photos taken by Miz Shannon Rolfe of Snap Star. You know how I was telling you guys how I've been having crap nights out lately? Well, yesterday was a bit better. Spent a lot of time at Flow Bar and met these two awesome Dj's. Had a great time dancing with them Dj's and doing crazy dance moves with the crew!

My friend complimented me on my outfit last night. He said I looked really good and "normal". Lol. I guess I did. This is one of my go to outfits on days where I feel like shit. It's comfy, and it's still me and not that sloppy looking! I put my hair up ala bam bam from the Flinstones too! I think this is my new hairstyle now.

Oh, and random story, but a few days ago I decided to spend time with myself after the shit night I had. I was a mess, but I didn't care. I put my hair up in a pony, and just thrashed a singlet, shorts, and a blazer on plus my flip flops. As usual I had no make up on (and this time not even lip balm!). Well, let's just say I bumped into someone unexpectedly. Do you guys reckon that whenever your most unprepared, that's when important stuff/people show up? Hah. Oh well.

I'm so glad January's over! It's been a shit dramatic month for me! Are you looking forward to February? 



Entry title is a line from this song which I absolutely love listening/dancing to!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

And let the world spin madly on

Entry title comes from the song "World Spins Madly On" by The Weepies. Saturday night photos from Grace. I haven't been having great nights out and about lately. It's all been average. Or maybe it's just me being a down buzz? Meh.

On another note, I'm loving the outfit for the night. Considering I just thrashed this on and got ready for only 20 mins, I'd say this is a win.The dress I'm wearing is probably the dress I've outfit repeated the most (SHAME!) plus I always get a lot of compliments when I wear this. Surprisingly, I got it from Jay Jays at a very wallet-friendly price.  Since it was raining and I felt as though my outfit was lacking something, I ended up borrowing Steph's hat since it was raining anyway. All I can say is. . . how come I've never worn hats before? They're amazing! If only I can find good ones.

Do you have a go to outfit for those days when you feel like you have nothing to wear?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jess the Mess

Photos from Fashiontoast.

No work today. Supposed to be cleaning my room but I'm just too lazy. I need a room make over. I want my closet to be just a series of clothes rack like that in the first photo. Imagine how easy to maintain and chic that would be. I also want to put photos in my room. It lacks personality. Maybe having a pretty room will make me want to clean it often. Actually, this post is making me want to clean my room! Maybe that would make mum happy. Hah. Talk about inspiration.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Photo from SnapStar by Shannon Rolfe

Last night, Steph, Tendy, and Sol showed up at mine all wearing prints! Awesome coincidence. PMC love! Crashed a party where I met some interesting people. Met this guy with a sushi tattoo and told me he picked sushi over his girlfriend. Urged him to get more sushi tattoo, complete with soy sauce and chopsticks! Teehee! Met quite a lot of people who made me turn around to play with my bow (No, it's not kinky). See the white thing on my head in the photo? That's my bow! 

Got called in at work today, so I'm pretty tired! Good night, world! 

Saturday, January 15, 2011

We're running this town just like a club.

Thursday night.

Glitter everywhere, Solomon's studded eyebrows, Cross necklaces. Theme for the night was Trashy glitter glam. Inspiration was Kesha, especially her song "We R Who We R". I just love this song so much! Interestingly enough, no one wore ripped stockings. And they did not play that song in the club, which was really lame as we were hard out waiting for it to play! 

Also, I wore heels that night cos it was a special night and it made my outfit work! I'm wearing a dress/cape/cloth/thing that I cut up at the back. I'm obsessed with interesting back details on clothes at the moment because I think they're a classy way of exposing skin. I also wore a cross necklace, of course! Ended up having a picnic at 4 am in the parking lot at the local dairy. Mcdonalds after a good night of clubbing is always awesome. Just another awesome night out with the crew.

Watch the video here

Friday, January 14, 2011

Fever Fridays

Source: One. Two. Three. Four. Five.

I'm home on a Friday night and I'm feeling a bit sick. Must catch up on sleep! Enjoy and be inspired, my loves! 


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Big bow among others

1. Source

2. Source

3. Source

4. Source

5. Photo by Steph

Just some of the things I'm loving at the moment.

1. A really (And I mean really) huge bow for my hair. Preferably in white cos it stands out against my black hair. I've wanted a bow for ages, and now I don't just want a bow. I want a huuuuuuuge bow.

2. I love everything about this photo. Background, outfit, color, girl. Perfection.

3. This photo is sooo Steph. It's something she would wear, and I would too.

4. Inspiration for last Saturday night's outfit.

5. Actual outfit from Saturday night. That head piece thing and a leopard singlet underneath a black sheer top. Hand holding with Solomon too cos we matched. Sheer, black, and our dear friend Dr. Martens.


Monday, January 10, 2011

Two. Zero. One. One.

Cherry Pop

My gorgeous amazing friends

New Years Eve.

We couldn't really get away as most of us had work the next day, and so after Church with my family, we went to a friend's house to party it up! Had an awesome sober time (notice the G Force in the photo? That's my non alcoholic drink for the night!) before me, Steph, and Solomon went to town for more partying! It was an awesome awesome night to kick start what will hopefully be an epic year! But what's a New Year without resolutions, right? We talked about this on our radio show, and here are some of mine. . .

Spend more time with the fambam
♥ Update blog regularly
♥ Get straight A's (Almost did it last semester, except for that freaking B!)
♥ Save my money
♥ Invest in a nice cam and a laptop
♥ Go to the gym everyday, or at least take exercise more seriously (Future Jess, you better be reading this with that toned, fit, and healthy body of yours!)
♥ Do more op shopping
♥ Learn how to sew
♥ Do more altering/make own clothes
♥ Make own accessories too 
♥ Be more active in YFC (that's my youth group, Youth For Christ)
♥ Take more photos and capture more memories on film
♥ Meet more bloggers and collaborate on a project with them
♥ Attend NZ Fashion Week
♥ Read the road code, get my learners, and learn how to drive 
♥ Do more writing
♥ Keep my room tidy and make bed everyday
♥ Avoid impulse buying
♥ Read more
♥ Go on a holiday abroad with family and/or friends!

2010 was such a fantabulous year that I'm afraid that this year will suck hard. Que Sera Sera, I guess. All I can really do is pray and do everything I can to make this year even better than the last!