Monday, January 10, 2011

Two. Zero. One. One.

Cherry Pop

My gorgeous amazing friends

New Years Eve.

We couldn't really get away as most of us had work the next day, and so after Church with my family, we went to a friend's house to party it up! Had an awesome sober time (notice the G Force in the photo? That's my non alcoholic drink for the night!) before me, Steph, and Solomon went to town for more partying! It was an awesome awesome night to kick start what will hopefully be an epic year! But what's a New Year without resolutions, right? We talked about this on our radio show, and here are some of mine. . .

Spend more time with the fambam
♥ Update blog regularly
♥ Get straight A's (Almost did it last semester, except for that freaking B!)
♥ Save my money
♥ Invest in a nice cam and a laptop
♥ Go to the gym everyday, or at least take exercise more seriously (Future Jess, you better be reading this with that toned, fit, and healthy body of yours!)
♥ Do more op shopping
♥ Learn how to sew
♥ Do more altering/make own clothes
♥ Make own accessories too 
♥ Be more active in YFC (that's my youth group, Youth For Christ)
♥ Take more photos and capture more memories on film
♥ Meet more bloggers and collaborate on a project with them
♥ Attend NZ Fashion Week
♥ Read the road code, get my learners, and learn how to drive 
♥ Do more writing
♥ Keep my room tidy and make bed everyday
♥ Avoid impulse buying
♥ Read more
♥ Go on a holiday abroad with family and/or friends!

2010 was such a fantabulous year that I'm afraid that this year will suck hard. Que Sera Sera, I guess. All I can really do is pray and do everything I can to make this year even better than the last!

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