Saturday, January 15, 2011

We're running this town just like a club.

Thursday night.

Glitter everywhere, Solomon's studded eyebrows, Cross necklaces. Theme for the night was Trashy glitter glam. Inspiration was Kesha, especially her song "We R Who We R". I just love this song so much! Interestingly enough, no one wore ripped stockings. And they did not play that song in the club, which was really lame as we were hard out waiting for it to play! 

Also, I wore heels that night cos it was a special night and it made my outfit work! I'm wearing a dress/cape/cloth/thing that I cut up at the back. I'm obsessed with interesting back details on clothes at the moment because I think they're a classy way of exposing skin. I also wore a cross necklace, of course! Ended up having a picnic at 4 am in the parking lot at the local dairy. Mcdonalds after a good night of clubbing is always awesome. Just another awesome night out with the crew.

Watch the video here

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