Thursday, May 10, 2012

Red Hair Day

I got mah huuur did today! I know the whole dip dye look is so 2010 but this is coming from a girl who wore her hair in the same style for 7 years!! This is definitely a big deal for me. Virgin hair no more! Thank you to the amazing Christie. You are the only one I trust with my hair now!

Second photo is of me and little miss Lilli. This is one of the coolest kids I've ever met. When your mum's a DJ and a record label owner, you are bound to be cool. She loves hard house and dance music and hangs out with djs in her free time. And she's only 7. She's the sweetest little girl as well and I just love her to bits. She's my cookie monster.

The lady in the last photo with me is Mandy of Fevah FM. She's pretty much the boss when it comes to everything! I always love Wednesdays because that means I get to spend time with her too. Last weekend was a crazy one for us followed by a repeat on Tuesday night!

Been blogging a lot lately over at With the Cool Kids so please do check me out there too xx


  1. Hey I love your new hair do! ;) and the kid is so cute!!!

    PS Missing Blue batch :(

  2. Oohh. I love your new hair. ♥ The style isn't that old, don't worry. He he. So many people has been dyeing their hair red. Sigh. Maybe I'll try dyeing my hair after high school lol.
    Hope you're doing great with your dj-ing and good luck! x


  3. Love your style! maybe we can follow each ohter?:X


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