Thursday, June 28, 2012


and they still feel all so wasted on myself.

I had to fight off cobwebs to get to this blog. Lol. I have been so slack with keeping up with my life lately. I've been doing a lot of dreaming instead of doing and now I feel like I've reached a dead end. I guess it's because most of the time I feel like my dreams are too big, too unachievable, that all I can do is well.. dream.

But I want my blogging life back. Because when I said this was my forever fling, I did mean the word forever. So hello blog. I'll try harder this time. 


  1. I know you'll do great, Jess! I am here if you need help. Good luck best!

  2. you are so full of talent jess you can live your dreams!! don't just dream, do! and yes keep your blog updated, I don't see you enough so this is my way to keep up with your life :) Love you x


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