Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Behind these Hazel Hayes. . .

I love days off! I've been working since Monday last week and today, I finally got a day off! It felt so good to sleep late, sleep in, and wake up feeling very refreshed! One of my favourite feelings in life is to wake up and realise that you absolutely have nothing to do for the day and you can spend it as you please.

Finally got around to checking out Hazel Hayes  with Steph today! I've been there before with David (If the cups look familiar to you, you've probably seen it here), but Steph and I have always wanted to check it out but never gotten around to until today! Had a cappuccino and the slow roasted pork belly for lunch. Soooo good. I think I found my new favourite place to hide in <3

What a good day. Last night, we had dinner and then went to catch a late night movie. Unfortunately, Bridesmaids sold out and so we watched Bad Teacher instead. The movie was alright, I guess. Still, I've been dying to see Bridesmaids! Next time I'm booking tickets in advance!



I've never stuck to a blog address before. I swear I have HEAPS of blogs that I abandon after like, 2 posts, but from the start, I knew I'd be sticking to this. A forever fling indeed.


Entry title is somewhat an allusion to that Kelly Clarkson song. Hahaha. See what I did there?

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