Saturday, July 2, 2011

Thursday night with my mates! It was an average night out on the town and eating Subway after was disappointing. The thing I liked the most that night was my outfit. And maybe hanging with my friends. Hah. Kidding.

I slept in that day and woke up with a text from David about the massive work room sale at The White Room. I got really excited until I realised I don't get paid until next week so I came up with a budget. I wanted to get this knitted cardi but it was over my budget (I was really tempted to get it) and for the first time ever, I practiced self-control and didn't get it. Got this beautiful red velvet material instead that I'm going to turn into something beautiful for me to wear. Lol jk, I can't sew for shit so Steph is actually making it into a pretty garment. What a good bitch.

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  1. Cute pics! Never been to NZ. It fascinates me how the earth can have opposite seasons on either side of the equator. Thanks so much for your comments on my blog!


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