Friday, July 29, 2011

Will you be my forever fling?

I just realised I haven't really properly introduced myself yet. These things are always a bit awkward to write so here it goes. . . I've been blogging since I was about 14 but I've never really stuck to one blog address. I'd always think of a nice name and then move on to the next big idea. I probably have enough blogs to last me a lifetime, along with useless email addresses to boot. If there was a cyberspace police, I would've probably been banned from creating a new blog by now.

But alas, I thought of forever fling. And somehow, it made sense. I had a feeling that I would stick to this one and true enough, 7 months later, here I am. I may write my thoughts on Tumblr, or post on myother blog, but I know I'll always have this. I guess this is what Forever Fling is to me - coming home.

 A fling is defined as a brief romantic affair, while forever is defined as something permanent or without limits. 

I guess you could say I'm a contradiction. 

So hello, world! My name is Jess, a 19 year old small town girl from New Zealand. I'm currently in my second year through my degree and I'm majoring in PR and Advertising. I am also living the dream by working in retail. Working in a clothing store has always been the ideal job for me as I love fashion and cannot think of anything better than to get paid to look good and to always have the latest pieces. 

If not studying or working, I enjoy partying. Hard. I love the whole party scene in my little town, and I enjoy raging it up on the dancefloor with good music and my favourite djs. I live for those epic nights that make me feel so alive. Of course, being the contradiction that I am, I enjoy hiding in little cafes enjoying superb food and excellent coffee while reading a book as much as I enjoy partying. 

I live for blogs, photography, fashion, all things vintage, writing, cupcakes, second hand books, crazy nights with the cool kids, floral prints, coffee, red lipstick, dubstep, op shops, music, and tea cups. I'm really close to my family and I have a solid group of friends. My best friend is called Steph (She is honestly the bestest bitch one could ever have) and we also have a joint blog called withthecoolkids.

I'm just a girl who is living the good life and chasing after her dreams. And, really, I wouldn't have it any other way. So here's to what lies ahead. Here's to many more blog posts. Here's to the most fucking epic journey I've ever embarked on. Here's to infinity and beyond! x


  1. Hi Jess!!! Following your blog now! <3 gotta miss MCHS, 'no? :p

    Awww "I'm just a girl who is living the good life and chasing after her dreams." -- same here <3 We'll make our dreams come true! ;)

  2. oooh hello! what a good intro.. I never really introduced myself on my blog, but I wish I had!! I am happy that you are back in the blogging scene, it is pretty amazing all the connections you can make!

  3. Ah i enjoyed reading this! Lovely photos too i love your headband. Thankyou for your comment x

  4. I have no money to go to NZ and visit you. You go back here and visit us nalang. Hehe.

    MISS YOU! >:D<

  5. Cute photos!
    I love that flowery headband :)


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