Sunday, July 31, 2011

Like an indian summer in the middle of winter.

We used to live for Saturday nights. I remember last Summer when we would be out partying and clubbing every single weekend. Most of the times, we would even do three nights in a row - Thursday, Friday, Saturday. And still, we managed to show up at work, do 12 hour shifts, and do our jobs exceptionally well. Lately though, with so much happening, I find that I can only do a maximum of 2 nights per weekend. Am I just getting old? Maybe, maybe not. I miss the carefree days of last summer and cannot wait for this years summer!

Also, outfit is something totally random, I know. I haven't bought anything in what feels like ages. Well, considering I work in a mall and I am there a few times a week, not buying anything within a week just feels odd so that's a long time for me. It was already around past nine pm and I didn't have an outfit yet. All I knew is that I wanted to wear pants because it was too cold outside (I hate you, Winter). What better way to warm my legs than to wear velvet! Leopard singlet is actually a nightie. As in lingerie. Threw on the sheer maroon top for extra warmth (As warm as a sheer top can ever provide) plus my trusty black wedges and I was good to go.

Wearing lingerie out = instant crashing in bed after a hard night of partying because you're already in sleep wear! Win!

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