Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Zealand's Next Top Poser

I was doing my usual blog surfing on a lazy Sunday afternoon when I happen to come across this contest that The Men's Department School of Modelling was running. As a joke, I mentioned it to Jassher and told him he should join. To my surprise, he was keen and thinking we had nothing to lose, we decided to join! We had three days to send an entry and because our schedules clash, we ended up doing this shoot on a Monday morning (And no, despite my best efforts and guilt tripping, he stood firm on not driving me to

I'm no photographer but I did try. Probably not the best idea, but we had no concept whatsoever. We even drove around to find he perfect location for the shoot. We were just mucking around really (Or maybe that's just me) and just did some crazy poses and took photos. The best part for me was coming up with different captions for the photos! We were literally at Starbucks for two hours the night before the contest closed looking at photos, picking the best ones, and making up captions. There was a lot of swapping seats and swapping laptops, some dubstep tunes on the background, and trying to come up with a nice email to match our entry. 

For an impromptu thing, I'm proud that we won 2nd place! And Jash scored a pair of chinos from Topman too. What a good bitch. Here's what The Men's Department had to say about our "Boy in a box" photo:

"Was it a pose of defeat or a pose of glory? Was Creed playing in the background? This pose was deep and thought provoking. Well done!

The runner up for New Zealand's Next Top Poser is... "Boy in a box"!!
You have scored yourself a pair of Topman Chinos! Congratulations!!"

Yay! Not that bad, aye? Not that bad at all.


  1. This was really cool! Great job and congratulations!

  2. Teehee. :> It's so cool.
    By the way, I'm from Teentalk.
    Congrats and good job!
    Uhm, are you Asian/Filipino? Lol.

    I followed you! I really envy your style. XD


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