Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wise decisions.

A few Wednesdays ago, we went to Auckland for a day of rest and relaxation. Don't get me wrong, I love Hamilton and all, but sometimes living in a small town can get so.. suffocating. The last half of September seemed to be filled with drama and since I am a peace loving Libra, I do not do drama and I cannot handle that.

So off we went on our little adventure. A wise man told me to go and be free (Hi Dan!), and so I did. I treated myself to a nice lunch at O'Carolls Freehouse where I had the best onion rings ever plus yummy ribs then walked across to Casette for some Affogato for dessert. Vulcan Lane is where it's at in Auckland, me thinks!

Spent the day going places, eating, shopping, and just chilling. We might've gotten lost on our way home but that's just part of the adventure! Perhaps the best part of the trip though was walking along the streets of the city aimlessly, wandering through street after street with no direction. We literally went wherever our feet dragged us too! Also another highlight was when the bouncer at Britomart 1885 professed his undying love for me. I believe the exact words were "Bye! I love you". I fought the urge to run back and break down and cry and ask for his hand in marriage.

I feel like I've left all my drama and baggage in Auckland and that I've got my game back on! I'm Jess, 20 years old, and ready to face the world!


  1. I love these photos!
    I know what you mean when you say that living in a small town can get suffocating.. :|
    And I'm so damn jealous that you got to go to AUCKLAND!!!! That's like.. My dream. To go there, I mean. Why? Because Mom was born and lived there.. And I've never been to NZ :((

    Anyway I'm glad you had an awesome time and you're happy :)

  2. yummy food!! cassette is awesomeee :D happy weekend xkim

  3. Grace, I did not know you're part New Zealander! Aaaaahhh omg that is so exciting!! Can you please please come to New Zealand and we'll have a blast living it up in Auckland?! :)

    Kim: Casette is the place to be! Too bad I'm not from Auckland otherwise I would be there all the time! Haha. Hope all is well x


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